Thursday, January 10, 2019

Moonhop (an Oddhack)

Here it is! I’ve been workshopping this on the OSR Discord for a while now and I think I’m happy with it. It’s a hack of Into the Odd (paid version, free version), with GLOG-style races, failed careers, and a bunch of player-facing rules, including classless GLOG Magic, a new-ish set of Hexcrawling speed rules, and weird Hireling Squad rules.

Click the image or this link.


  1. It's really very good. Thanks for sharing.

    There's SO much great stuff conveyed in SO little text.

    This is CONCISE!

  2. Kudos on usage of QR code, I had similar ideas of linking stuff from paper to the interwebs. And it always makes me sad seeing links in paper books.

    Im a fan of how you did races. Can you elaborate how humans roll failed carriers?
    Do they get two rolls of same age, or can they get two different ages?
    Otherwise, there is bunch of good stuff in there.

    1. Yeah! I realized that QR codes are a way to magically use a physical item to send a digital copy of itself to any player at any time. It's quite handy.

      Personally, I let humans roll failed careers from any two ages, with the implication that they were abducted and taken from one moon to another at some point.

    2. Ive had ideas of printing stupid amount of QR codes and gluing them into my physical monstermanuals and linking to cool OSR shit, like Skerples 100 skeletons.
      Lotfp summon spell to an online generator, because im not doing all that rolling by hand.
      Very John Carter approach then.

  3. All the hype was worth it. This is so amazing and yet so concise!

  4. Oh my god, this is fantastic. I've been trying for ages to think of a thematic way to staple GLOG magic onto Into the Odd.

    Wizard Teeth! Everything is so clear now!

    1. Yeah! Wizard teeth! Unicorn horns! Ghoul blood! Go wild!